2020-02-16 (Su) TwelfthRootOfTwoTattoo COMPLETED

When I talk about music creation with new people, I start by saying, "Everything I know about music, I learned from Wikipedia," which sets the expectation pretty well. During my hours of digging through articles, I found the expression that describes the frequency change between notes in western music. I had always known this as approximately 1.05946. I pulled that number from memory. Eventually, I stumbled across the twelfth root of two. I thought the expression looked curious, so I toyed with the idea of adding it to myself. 

I think the twelfth root of two neatly describes my relation to music. Music has always been about math more than passion and doing what I can without a musical background. The expression has balance, only a couple of symbols, and is nerdy as can be.

After a month of deliberation, I drew it up in GIMP and brought it to a tattoo parlor. The picture below was a couple of hours after the tattoo, so the redness went down, but I am still wearing a loose shirt to keep pressure off.
Fresh ink

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