2020-02-18 (Tu) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Electric knife fighting is less scary and dangerous than it sounds. I put it on the same level as paintball. The knives are made of rubber, and the electricity comes from inexpensive self-defense stun flashlights off eBay. This became a tradition at Grindfest.

One of the existing Grindfest knives shown in a Gizmodo video

Before this, the knives were made with any available materials, usually cheap stun gun flashlights with rubber knives strapped to the front and steel rope fastened to the blade with zip ties or tape. We want to make this safer and reliable because the zip ties were cutting people and the tape doesn't allow the cable to conduct.

Enough background

This project started with sketches for potential blade designs. None of them relied on rubber training knives used in the past. All models removed sharp corners and exposed fasteners.

The first design was to cut some plastic in a willow leaf shape with a rounded top. Each face of the plastic would have some aluminum tape that stopped at the edge. The tape would act as the electrodes and zap along the edges.

Aluminum tape on plastic

The second design used two lengths of wire running through holes along the sides. The conductor on the left and right were not connected and never crossed. This would spark along the flat of the blade.
Paddle with wire lacing

The third design abandoned the plastic sheet and rigidly stood four threaded rods out the top of a handle. It could have been done with two rods. Anything conductive between adjacent rods would get zapped.
Electrified rods

The last design was based on a model that Hylyx made at Grindfest by wrapping copper wire around a pool noodle. Instead of copper wire, I wanted to use the steel cable, and instead of wrapping it in a helix, I wanted to run it up and down like rails.
Steel rope surrounding foam padding
Electrified pool noodle built by Hylyx

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