2020-02-20 (Th) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

I am not the only person working on these knives. There is a group of hackers across the USA working on this project, but I have been making prototypes with my own ideas and ideas from the group discussions. The concept and Instructable for conductive glue came from other members, not me.

Enough background

A rubber training knife, like the ones used in the original knife fights, was lined with a bit of narrow washi tape. This area, the blade, would be kept clear of conductive material while the sides would be coated in the hope of making a knife with electrified surfaces and an edge where the electricity could jump.
Narrow washi tape, not painters tape

The Instructable called for a mixture of 2:3 parts of graphite powder and liquid tape. The liquid tape set up within minutes, so graphite powder was sprinkled on the sides while it dried. Doing it this was was doomed to fail from the start. In the instructions, the author suggested paint thinner to keep things liquid, after this, I think it is a necessity.
Knife coated in liquid tape and dusted with graphite powder

Conductivity could not be proven with an ordinary ohmmeter, but that should not reflect poorly on the instructions, the fault was with me not following the directions. When the coating did not perform as hoped, it was scrapped, and despite drying quickly, it peeled away from the rubber with almost no residue. Even if it had been conductive, the material would not adhere to this type of training knife.
Sticky mess that was not terribly sticky or messy

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