2020-02-23 (Su) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Aluminum tape was a material I wanted to investigate for its availability, strength, and conductivity. I cut two pieces, so they followed the training knife edges. Unlike the liquid tape, aluminum tape stuck to the rubber knife well.
Aluminum tape applied to knife surface

Solder would not stick to the tape. Sanding first might have made it possible, but heat damage was a possibility, so the wires were left alone. A rubber band went around the blade which held the high voltage wires against the aluminum tape. The voltage generator from the previous prototype powered this design but was not attached to the handle. The generator's whine was audible, but there was no electrical arc. When the roll of aluminum tape sat near the edge of the knife, the electricity jumped.
Sparking across the blade

When I showed the group this method, someone asked if an arc would develop without holding it near a conductive surface. Both pieces of tape were peeled and positioned close to the edge. The narrow gap sparked reliably when the switches were pressed.
Sparking without a nearby conductor

Another question from my group was the flexibility and durability of the tape. To test, the knife was pressed against a bed mattress, and the flex was photographed. The tension was visible, but the tape did not break and only crinkled a bit when released.
Aluminum tape bend test

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