2020-02-25 (Tu) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Part of the problem with the original knives was a flimsy handle cobbled from the stun gun/flashlight. Making a handle from scratch would be fine if it were easy, inexpensive, and repeatable. Hardware store parts were a good source since things like PVC pipes were accessible to anyone in the country and in this case the most exotic part was a bolt hanger. This bolt hanger has 1/4-20 threads on one side and a wood screw on the other. They are not hard to find.

The purpose of the bolt hanger was that a rubber blade could be attached by mechanical means and a long screw should hold it tightly. The sharp end was never meant to be exposed during use.
Guard parts

A 3/4" PVC coupler held everything in this end. The high voltage generator fit inside and held still with a strip of double-sided tape. A threaded reducer in the coupler held a threaded 1/2" plug. The bolt hanger went through the plug which had a 1/4" hole drilled through. It is isn't possible to see, but inside the plug is a star lock-washer and a long wood interface insert screw. When tightened, it was sturdy.
Assembled sword guard

Wires between the battery and switch provided a path. The battery was left out during construction. The switch had to be wired and added first so wires could pass through the pipe. High voltage wires from the generator went through holes drilled in the reducer.
Hilt before assembly

Everything was press fit into place, but a finished model would have PVC glue to keep the guard end of the hilt together. The pommel would be glue-free so the battery would be easy to access.
Assembled stun handle

A video demonstrated the handle's use and gave a good view of the switch contact parts which poke through the far side of the handle. A smaller switch is necessary.
(0:52) Stun hilt explanation and demonstration

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