2020-03-15 (Su) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

The high voltage generator would still not fit inside the aluminum tubing from the hardware store, so I ordered a specialized piece with a larger internal area. I ordered a 12" (30cm) length, so probably only enough for a single handle. I measured more than twice before I cut on a horizontal band saw.
Spacing for all the parts

A new part of the mix was a couple of 18350 battery, which was half the length of the 18650 model. I hoped I could make a second handle with the scrap from the first one, but there wasn't enough material for that. The 18650 battery needed seven inches, and that only left five for a second try.
Spacing with the 18350 battery

I drilled holes at the end of the handle a couple of times to ensure my bolts could access them. The rubber blade used a couple of spaces rammed into holes where screws would connect, so their alignment was not perfect.
Trimmed rubber blade installed

I was a bit less careful with the switch placement, but I knew where the blade ended, so I drilled a large hole. I hoped that my stepped drill bit could reach deep enough to make a large hole, but the pipe was too shallow. The hackspace had a 1/2" (~12mm) drill bit, but I already made a hole, so I had lots of trouble with the piece vibrating while I cut. Even after I made the hole, the switch cap did not fit loosely, and I widened it by wriggling the stepped bit around inside the hole while spinning.
Big red button for zappy time

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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