2020-03-17 (Tu) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

I searched for 1" ABS pipe, which is what I used for the laser tag project, but no one sells that. I found some other black tube at the hardware store, but it is probably polypropylene and ABS cement does not adhere to that. For my second test, I tried E6000 glue and that worked well.
E6000 test between printed ABS and plastic pipe

Even though I probably won't use the square handle knife, I already ordered some caps meant for furniture legs. They fit neatly and looked classy, so anyone who wants to follow this line of production should know that these exist.
Square endcap

One issue I was having with my prints was that they would delaminate, which suggests the layers were not adhering during the print process. A few years ago, I experimented with acetone vapor bathing, where I put ABS prints and a paper towel soaked in acetone in a glass container for hours, where it softened the plastic, and the layers melded together, but the shape remained. Funnily, this time, I found out when you use too much acetone. The result was a soggy blob of plastic.

The latest version of the adapter was much longer, so it would have more contact area with the pipe. Since I would be gluing the print to the tube, this surface area should be more secure.

Too much acetone exposure

I would probably be all right by twisting the switch into the plastic, but I would instead include the stock nut into the design, so I made the print a bit deeper and included a hexagonal cavity for the nut. In the end, the nut sat flush with the dip of the model.
Long adapter with inset nut

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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