2020-03-19 (Th) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Connecting a blade to a narrow pipe was harder than square tubing. I looked at the store for a suitable adapter that could interface between the handle and knife. The best bet seemed to be a threaded 1" to 1 1/2" adapter. The finger guard on the rubber knife had to come off, but that only took a sharp knife. The handle needed a hack saw because I didn't have a band saw handy.
Modified knife hilt

This time, I only had room for one metal space through the knife blade, but it would butt up against the back of the PVC adapter so that it might be secure. I had a suitably sized coupler and drilled the blade out for that. In the plastic, I added a couple of countersunk holes.
Holes and coupler

I would not have access to the coupler once it was inside the handle, so I held it in place with some blue tack.
Keeping the coupler in place

There was no aluminum tape on this knife blade, but everything else was ready to turn this into a working tool. When I showed people, I mentioned that I could make it shorter, and they were pleased with the overall design. I can also make the handle from metal and clear polycarbonate.
Round prototype

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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