2020-03-21 (Sa) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

The black-handled models I started earlier will be what I bring to Grindfest, but I had a clear handle that already had a switch, voltage converter, and battery. It seemed like a shame to forget all about it, and since it was clear, it made a spectacular demonstration model.
Clear prototype

I had to connect all the circuitry, but it was a simple procedure. I soldered the battery common and voltage converter negative together with a shrinkwrap/solder tube. The positive lead from the battery went to the switch, and the other side went to the converter. For now, I left the high voltage wires dangling from the end of the tube.
Active circuitry

The rest of the group members met on a Discord, and I demonstrated what was possible with round handles. Everyone liked the option for cubic or cylindrical voltage converters, but someone asked me to takes measurements of the devices I was using.
Requested measurement from a voltage converter

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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