2020-04-07 (Tu) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

Each knife needed an end cap to protect the battery and high voltage converter inside the handle. Before, I whittled down some furniture hardware by cutting away most of the inner tube, but this time I only trimmed away the ribbing on the sides. This method seemed to work better than cutting out a lot of plastic.
Trimming the end caps

At this point, I had three fully-functional knives that could enter the dueling ring. The final goal of this project was to design a knife anyone could build without exotic parts and instructions.
Three operational knives

I tested the knives on flesh, they hurt, and I look forward to not getting zapped in the future. There was a team meeting, and folks liked the design, so I agreed to make the instructions immediately, including a bill of materials.
Tossing sparks

I wrapped the handle with a couple of layers of hockey tape to improve the grip. I want to experiment with different handle wrappings, including wraps for bicycle handlebars, tennis racks, and golf clubs.
Wrapped handle

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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