2020-04-04 (Sa) Electro Knife for Simulated Combat EleKSCo

I received more parts for my final builds, so I began processing the supplies. I cut enough aluminum blade stickers to cover each of the three knives, plus three spare pairs. I cut all these with the help of the paper templates I designed earlier.
Strips and spares

I had to trim some scraggly plastic off the tube with a razor knife, and I only stabbed myself once. One knife blade was ready, but I had to chop the handles off of two more. There was a similar deal with the high-voltage converters because I already had one ready to go, but I had to dissect a couple more stun guns.

Parts for assembly

The electrical circuits took the longest. When I had to solder wires to other wires, I used shrink-tube with a built-in solder ring and used a hot-air reflow station to melt them. I connected the switches using crimp-style plugs, but I soldered them with an iron. While I was assembling these, I realized that I had to glue the adapters in place, so I would have to replace the entire tube and adapter if either broke in a fight, and that could be problematic. Connecting with mechanical fasteners, like screws or bolts, would be preferable because glue takes hours to cure.
Electrical circuits

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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