2020-04-13 (M) EleKSCoExhibition Sword

I wanted to build some exhibition weapons that would not be part of the official electric knife competition. Since we haven't released the rules as of writing this, I decided that I would not enter with anything I built beforehand. The transparent handle knife falls into this category, even though the handle is the only non-spec material.

My first exhibition weapon would be a sword. I based my measurements on wooden practice swords, bokkens, but I made a straight blade, instead of one with a curve. I guess that makes it more like a ninjatō.

My first plan was to buy a practice sword, add the electrical parts, and call it a day, but I thought that would create some of the same problems as last year's knives, so I bought a five-foot piece of semi-flexible water pipe, which is what I used for the knife handles. I planned to heat and flatten the blade portion.

I cut a 40" length of pipe, scratched off the paint, and measured up for the size I thought would make a comfortable handle. The handle portion of the sword hung over the edge of a pair of 2x4s. I heated the pipe with a heat gun, but I couldn't generate enough pressure with hand clamps. The heat gun had a tapered attachment that I used to blow air down the pipe.

Semi-flexible pipe clamped between 2x4s

I drilled eight evenly spaced 1/4" (6mm) holes into the 2x4s, and inserted carriage bolts, washers, and nuts. This time, I heated the pipe with the same heat gun, and when it was hot to touch, I tightened the nuts and compressed the tube.
Pipe and wooden press

When the plastic cooled, the blade was mostly flat. I was not expecting perfectly folded plastic, which would have been very weak in one direction. The plastic at the handle end overheated, so it distorted.
Cool sword

When I marked off the handle, I didn't account for distorted plastic waste or the switch, so it went from being two hands long to hand-and-a-half. I drilled the holes to mount a switch, but I didn't add any electronics yet.
Switch on a hand-and-a-half handle

Hackaday.io EleKSco page.
Thingiverse page for switch adapter.
GitHub EleKSco repo.
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