2020-04-24 (F) Weekly Summary

My week started with a new project, but one that didn't get far. I wanted to make a xylophone on the laser cutter so I could wreck some parts without feeling bad about destroying a usable instrument. I did some looking, and I knew I would have to cut the profile of each note, so I made a variety of shapes in CAD with different properties, but the same length.
Notes in CAD

I cut them from a scrap of 1" lumber, but the wood was so thick that I scorched the heck out of the edges. When I arranged them, I couldn't get any good sound. Perhaps laminating strips of wood or plastic would work, but I cannot get to the laser cutter at the moment.
Charred lumps which should have been notes

The PillarGame I built for the hackathon was in pieces, and one of my teammates helped me get it back together. Unfortunately, the biggest takeaway was another fire, but we fixed that problem with a design change.
Charred plastic that should have been a light pillar

At work, we got face masks, but they had long ribbons instead of elastic bands, so it was a hassle to wear. I sketched a buckle that I could print at home and held together with magnets.
Cumbersome facemask

The modeling went well. I only needed about fifty lines of code, and that was generous instead of streamlined. For the first time, I tried out the max() function in OpenSCAD to ensure my edges would always line up, even if I had a large magnet or wide straps.
Printable buckle model

I measured my magnets and ribbons to render a 1:1 model and printed a pair. Once they were cool, I used super glue to add the neodymium discs and fished my straps through the buckles. It took some effort to get it adjusted the first time, but after that, it was a simple matter to wear or remove the mask.
Project page on Thingiverse

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