2020-04-25 (Sa) Improv Comedy Podcast

Too long ago, I stopped recording Two Cyborgs and a Microphone with my cohost Tim. We loved recording, but we found it harder and harder to coordinate. There are plans for 2xCb, but I have begun a different podcast with different people, in a different format.

This new podcast is still forming up. As of writing this, we don't even have a name. It'll be a group of amateur improv artists recording their sessions. I have agreed to do some hosting, and I will be the editor. We talked about how editing and improv might seem disingenuous, but we think it is more important that people should be entertained by a quick shot of our best material while we cut out the low parts. Granted, part of the charm of improv is appreciating the peaks and valleys, but no one wants to listen to us bicker about what game to play next, and editing will tighten that up.

The idea-haver, Joe, and I chatted for a couple of hours about how to make improv, most often stage performances, work with only audio. We wanted to make it similar to a radio drama, so we have to call out some things expressly. For example, if someone is holding a phone, they cannot only mime that action, they must say something like, "Keep it down, I'm on the phone here."

Joe put out a request to a group of local students, many of whom he's played with, and we found a couple of interested people. In our first recording, we played a party game called Funemployed, where players each applied for a real job with unlikely "qualifications." We recorded a Zoom meeting, so all the audio was in a single stream.
Raw sound in Audacity

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