2020-05-03 (Su) Improv Comedy Podcast

During the third recording, I tried to use a soundboard app on my iPad. No one else on the call could hear my tinkerings. My usual setup was an XLR-connected microphone connected to a USB converter, which also had a second input. I thought I could pipe in audio on that channel, and everyone would get to enjoy it with me, but that was not the case.

I knew I would have to do something else to get the soundboard and microphone to play nicely on the computer, so I looked for other people with the same USB converter, and it was a known issue. I changed drivers a couple of times, which allowed me to see both channels in Audacity with frequent errors, but it never worked in Zoom. Finally, I reverted the drivers, and I decided I would use my converter as a line-in to the computer, but I would combine everything on mixing board, and that would give me eight spare inputs, so that might be fun.
No small amount of trouble

Before I spent a whole weekend trying to fit a thick mixing board into a narrow closet, I decided to try the existing hardware on a Linux box, and sure enough, everything worked without so much as a driver download. Audacity and Zoom both recognized the pair of channels without a hiccup (hiccough). I left the mixing board alone and set my Linux machine into the recording space. We'll see how that goes.
Ubuntu had a solution

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