2020-05-26 (Tu) HouseRobotInterference

Yesterday I deliberated about how to proceed with this project. I needed more stability than I could get from macros acting on a spreadsheet, and I decided to convert the word list into 6,800 sound clips so I could randomize them in an ordinary music player. I went this route for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that I wanted to stream the sound via YouTube so anyone could tune in and befuddle their house robot. For this, I needed some interesting video, and music players have often included live visualizers. The second reason an unexpected delay between sound files would not cause issues with a macro that executes regardless of what is happening in the browser.

Audacity monitored Chrome's text-to-speech converter, which enunciated the word list. Recording took one hour and forty-nine minutes or 6,540 seconds, close to one word per second. Next, I will have to break up this long recording into 6,800 clips so that I can shuffle them.
All the nouns

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