2020-06-14 (Su) MagneticResonanceAmplifier

My most recent project was a drill shaft monitor so I could wind electromagnets, and now I am going to build some magnets. The first goals are to develop an electronic pickup like you would find in an electric guitar and an electromagnet powerful enough to drive a steel guitar string. I wrote an OpenSCAD program to generate winding spindles quickly. The main factors are the height and diameter, which I illustrated in the images below.
Variable dimensions

The first prints were a couple of pairs. One pair had a 5mm tall center shaft with an 18mm base, and the second had a 9mm tall center with a 10mm base. The purpose of printing them in pairs is that while I wind copper onto one spindle, I can use the second to contain the coils. Each of them has a hexagon hole so I can stack them on a standard hex driver.

Two pairs of prints

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