2020-07-11 (Sa) InCompass

Now that I had some pseudo-code to start, I removed my old buzzer code and replaced it with some that would detect when the sensor passed over the origin. All I did was notice if I was on the left or right of zero, and if that changed from one scan to the next, I would activate the vibrator. The smallest twists about the starting point would trigger. The image below is animated and shows the minute movements that would cause vibration.

After I installed the zero-crossing code, I added code that would not trigger the vibrator until it exited a ninety-degree window on either side of the origin. With this window concept in place, I had to point the device to the left or right before recognizing that I crossed the center.

With the preset window code working, I added more functions to gradually close, and require less twisting before it would buzz again. In this way, I ensure that a user who is calmly facing north won't be constantly inundated with vibrations, yet someone active, walking, for example, will get the frequent assurance they are still heading north. That's my hope anyway.
Minute movements make motor move

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