2020-07-14 (Tu) InCompass

I dug through code examples for the Bluetooth module and happened across the HID example that would let me send keyboard commands. Eventually, I might get around to this sort of thing, but I am glad that it looks straight-forward. Some of the examples helped me piece together what was happening in the serial data transfer. I was able to recognize a button input from Adafruit's Bluefruit Connect app to print "Success!!!" on the Arduino's serial port.
Controller recognized by microcontroller

I programmed the button recognition to zero out the heading so any direction could be the origin. For most people, this will be geographic north. From anywhere sufficiently distant, it could point roughly toward Mecca. I had to change the function so that it would reset the origin in the code where the reading was first taken, or the button would only work once, and then it would need a restart.

My code cannot handle a 360° spin. It will always buzz after spinning 300° from the origin, which is the edge of the maximum angle of interest. Unwanted buzzes here are something I wanted to fix after I got live phone readings working, and now I can focus on them. Another issue with the phone is getting reliable reception. The Bluetooth power is too low to maintain a connection with my device.
Heading zeroed out over Bluetooth

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