2020-08-06 (Th) InCompass

I still couldn't use digitalRead(), so I added a wire jumper from the switch to an analog pin. This way, I could get the same reading on a different pin and use analogRead() instead because that didn't lock up my program. It was a kludgy workaround. In the code, I proved it could work, but it wasted a pin, and it was frustrating that a bug was beating me. I knew there was a way to read the inputs directly, and after some research, I found it. The resulting code was
((PINB >> 3) % 2)
instead of digitalRead(11). This low-level code will run faster than the analogRead. In the future, I won't have to waste an analog pin. It still doesn't solve the mystery of why I can't use digitalRead().

Now that I could monitor the push button, I added code that would zero the heading as I used to do over Bluetooth. The difference this time is that the device will give a short buzz, then wait one second before acknowledging zero. I added the delay, so the vibration from the buzzer and motion from the button press has time to relax.

Unnecessary wire around switch

GitHub repo for Cardinal, aka InCompass

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