2020-09-18 (F) Weekly Summary

A gorgeous circuit board goes a long way in the hacker crowd. This one is supposed to be a desk decoration, but its styling could easily be a convention badge. The analog circuit powers an acoustic levitation rig that can invisibly suspend crumbs.

I have worked with epoxy and fiberglass before, and a decent respirator is a must. This maker decided to try a different adhesive and used hide glue, which is similar to gelatin because they are both made from animal proteins. On the plus side, hide glue isn't noxious, but it doesn't hold up under heat or humidity.

So many times, I have had to hunt around for a peripheral to start up a computer. I have to hunt for ten minutes to find a USB mouse or keyboard, so I can type a dozen letters or click a few boxes. In the case of a RetroPie, they expect a game controller input. This project was a USB dongle that emulated all those devices, but it used someone's phone as the interface. Sadly, only for Android.

This guy has been on HaD a few times, and every time he amazes me. The first time, he made a digital sundial to exemplify the properties of collimated light. This time, he demonstrated reflectivity by combining a flexible two-way mirror with another to create a funhouse/infinity mirror.

When someone uses an eye-tracking computer to speak, it may be tough to know when they're composing a message, and many people try to come around and look at the screen. Rude. This device plugs into the computer and displays a rotating arrow so folks can stop themselves from peeking.

This was just fun. It was a model oscilloscope with a neon green rubber band stretched across three levers, and when you turn a knob, the band warbles and looks like a sine-wave trace. All the parts were 3D printed by a toymaker. For such a small device, it was involved.

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