2020-09-25 (F) Weekly Summary

Weather stations are less common than when I worked at Radio shack a decade ago, but my phone forecast doesn't necessarily tell me what I want to know. Someone in Italy recognized the trend across Europe of complications due to fine dust and built their station to detect it.

Mouth-operated joysticks are already in use, but they might only have one or two buttons. This one has thirteen air ports, and each can recognize inhalation or exhalation, so it is like having twenty-six buttons. It is no coincidence that there are exactly that many letters in the alphabet.

Before the virus responsible for COVID-19 was in the news, this team in Hong Kong was already developing anti-bacterial masks that kill germs resting on it. There have been a couple of coronavirus tests, and the graphene that adorns these masks is somewhat effective, but the pandemic-causing species hasn't been tested yet.

I love dice. I love games that go with them. I like their slightly flawed approach to random number generation, and I like having them in my hand while sitting around a gaming table. This one d20 costs as much as my collection. With twenty independent screens, it's no wonder. I recommend following the link to see the Twitter post since it looks better on video.

Instead of building a burglar alarm, or a smoke detector, this maker designed a general sensor array. A trained AI receives telemetry to identify sounds from around the house to know when something is happening or when something unexpected is happening.

This project was like interactive flashcards for learning Greek. My friend Angeliki built this as her first sponsored project, so the hardware was wild. There were seven text screens, four small color screens, arcade buttons, touch sensors, and five Arduinos. Since building this monster, she has decided to make the next version a web app.

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