2020-10-18 (Su) 80PercentArRifle

I thought one of the reasons my cutting lines were not even was that my XY slide clamp was not aligned to the drill press. I clamped a tall piece of wood to square it up and positioned it so that a paper scrap just barely fit between the bit and the wood. Then, I moved the clamp and checked that the paper fit as snugly at the other end of the wood.

The more I think about it; it shouldn't matter if the clamp is aligned. So long as the X and Y axes travel true, it should always cut straight lines.
Aligning the XY slide clamp

During the next pass, I focused on squaring up the sides, not actively milling lots of plastic, and the receiver came out a lot cleaner. The edges were neat, but I drilled too deeply. In the instructions and video, they talk about lining up the marking on the milling bit with the top of the jig, but the marking is 1/32" thick, and it wasn't obvious where I should position it.
Improved milling job

The plastic between the fire control area and the inside of the trigger guard was paper-thin. Even before I cut through this area with a drill bit, I could deform the plastic with my finger easily. I didn't know if this would destroy the receiver.
Thin trigger cavity floor

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