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When this project started, I imagined I would be working on the servo motors. Then again, I assumed I would be working on nearly everything because I usually work alone. Issuing servo commands is a solved problem, but the math involved with positioning a tool based on a couple of sticks and angles is less common. Not only is the number-crunching a hassle, but there is also the hardware to consider. Printing long sturdy rods is possible but needlessly expensive, and I wanted something versatile even if it was over-engineered.

I devised a brace that would accept any diameter rods and adapt them to mate with bearings or servo sprockets. I could print free-moving joints or driven couplers. To support the rod, I modeled a couple of cleats on either side to tie everything in place with string. The rod cannot slip out, and the lines should keep it from twisting or bending.
Three models

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