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The Arduino servo library has a couple of limitations. For one, it won't always utilize a servo's full range of motion. Secondly, it has low precision compared to what a servo motor is capable of performing. The stock library divides the angle into 180°, but it is possible to send commands that divide the full range into one-thousand or more increments. I want to implement smooth acceleration, so I need that kind of precision.

When I wrote a drop-in replacement, the servos movement was erratic until I realized that I left the old code in place. Once I removed traces of the old library, my servos moved logically, but they could get a little shaky. Next, I noticed that they weren't moving to the board's ends, so I had to scale the upper and lower limits. According to Google Images, the servo motors expected a pulse between one millisecond and two milliseconds long. When I connected a couple of potentiometers to adjust the limits, I settled on 0.5 to 2.4 milliseconds.
Sending serial commands

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