2020-12-10 (Th) Gravy Shock

Today, Ness started teaching the kids. They are not adept, and the mock class gets sidetracked quickly. Jerry interrupts to help Stephanie grasp why she should refer to her teacher as "Ness" instead of Miss Socrates, as her mother instructed.

After the lesson, Ness and Jerry chat about his service and some of the sci-fi technology in this world. We find out there is another form of artificial gravity that uses floor plates and people must have exposed skin on their feet for it to work. The older models were even less effective, and people needed transdermal metal spikes on their feet. This is also where the Barefoot Militia gets its name.

Jerry's age is called into question. He looks the same age as Ness, but hints that he's older. Marigold suspects he is lying and talks about how the three of them are duplicitous.
Chapter 6

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