2020-12-11 (F) Weekly Summary

I'm sorry to start a new project in the middle of Cloud Ouija because I think it's rude to derail. Unfortunately, I ran out of work until I can use the laser cutter at the hackspace. In the meantime, I started writing a fictional story that has been in my head for a long time.

The goal behind this story is to create a one-performer radio play. I would love to get experience as a voice actor, and it seems like a fun way to do it. Getting new experience writing a script is exciting, plus I have to convey all the happenings through dialogue, which will both be challenging.

Chapter one introduces the four characters. It starts with Ness, a non-binary person on their way to their spaceship launch. They are running late, and it should feel familiar to anyone who's nearly missed a plane flight. They make it to their two-bedroom ship, which Ness shares with a couple of children they've never met, but were hired to tutor them on the two-month trip. To their surprise, they meet Jerry, a last-minute addition to the flight, who is too tall for a spacesuit.
Gravy Shock chapter one

Chapter two shows Jerry interacting with the kids. His first admission of kids is that they scared him because he thought they were fragile, but he doesn't seem fussed about spending sixty days with a couple of young siblings. Ness tries to recover from some motion sickness at launch and complains to her robot cat, who can talk bizarrely.
Gravy Shock chapter two

Chapter three is a conversation between Jerry and Ness. Ness tries to describe non-binary to an old-school guy, and he reinforces his military background with an anecdote about a bottle of alcohol he carries.
Gravy Shock chapter three

This chapter explores Marigold, the toy cat. So far, she only speaks to Ness while she meows in front of everyone else, and now we find out she can run ethically questionable software. The chapter dealt with the balance between respecting someone's privacy and simultaneously protecting yourself and those in your care.
Gravy Shock chapter four

We explore the world a bit and find that Houseboats are silent, and some people find that unnerving. Jerry has some sound loops that people use to help them feel like there is something outside besides hard-vacuum. Marigold detects wireless traffic when the sound file downloads to the ship, but Jerry wasn't using a computer at the time, so it begs the question of whether there is someone else on the boat.
Gravy Shock chapter five

Chapter six is a long one at 2,000 words. It sees Ness teaching, Jerry keeping to himself, and another one-on-one conversation. This time they talk about Jerry's service, Ness's career, and their motivation for traveling to Mars. Marigold has doubts about Jerry since he seems to be lying about his age.
Gravy Shock chapter six

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