2020-12-18 (F) Weekly Summary

Jerry and Ness always seem to end up at odds. In chapter seven, Jerry brings them some breakfast, and they chat a bit, but it goes south when Ness asks for some truth. Jerry agrees, and after the daily lessons, Jerry reveals that he has an artificial body.
Gravy Shock chapter 7

After Jerry shows that his body is metal, I explore how an accepting person can be shocked. One type of understaning should not be mistaken for another, and everyone is allowed to grow because no one is born mature.
Gravy Shock chapter 8

I tried to explore Ness's past, but it didn't seem like the time, so I explored their present with a website they run. It is a brainstorming exchange were visitors are assigned a chatroom and they can bounce ideas around. Ness's life before this will come out eventually.
Gravy Shock chapter 9

As I was writing Gravy Shock, I thought about turning this from a script into something people might want to hear. My old Electronic Wind Chimes could work as background music, and I had already proved that I could transition from one "mood" to another, so I thought about a device that would make a soundtrack on the fly. I sketched my idea for the controls and revised it a couple of times.
EWC_OST layout sketch

I already had most of the necessary parts in my workshop, so I measured them and created a layout similar to what I envisioned with a pencil and paper. I decided to leave a couple of parts off, but I added a stereo amplifier with enough power to fill a room if I attach bookshelf speakers.
EWC_OST layout draft

When I cut my faceplate and tried a test fit, my displays did not fit. I had to expand the footprint for the voltage readout and the primary monitor. In the second copy, everything snapped into place, so I should have no trouble mounting it. One of the problems of working with acrylic is that it is difficult to work, so I cannot drill new holes at home.

Test faceplate population

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