2021-01-04 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

I have been using OpenSCAD for years, and I love the program, but I have always envied the programs that rely on the mouse more. My girlfriend wanted to learn Fusion 360. We watched a couple of tutorials on how to use the program, and I saw the program's strengths and decided to use it to design keycaps for this project.
Keycap tops

There was a learning curve, and some of the tutorials were a bust, but we found a worthwhile series created by a math teacher. After the first two lessons and a bit of trial-and-error, I was able to draft a keycap design that may fit. The top of each cap is either a bar or a cross. These caps will go on the decrement and increment buttons since they look like minus and plus symbols.
Keycap undersides

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