2021-01-16 (Sa) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

I wanted to try a couple more reading methods on the potentiometer. The model I bought was a cross-fader, so it had two logarithmic tracks, but they were opposite one another. My first step was wiring all the pins in parallel, but all I managed to do was make it act like a 5K potentiometer instead of a pair of 10K pots. Next, I swapped the voltage and ground on one of the tracks, but this caused a short when I neared the ends, and the output always averaged at 50%. The last thing I tried was connecting the potentiometers separately and reading both of them, then calculating the average. Between the two inputs, I had a more linear behavior, but it was still heavily weighted. I decided to use the sliders as installed.

In an older EWC model, I recorded all the instrument names as character strings in flash memory, so I copied that list here. I previously formatted it for a sixteen-character display and used spaces and abbreviations. The names were convenient because they would appear on the screen in place of the MIDI instrument number. I decided to print the names as white characters on a black background instead of matching the background color and displaying a complementary word color or always using black letters. In the past, I've found only some complementary combinations are legible, whereas pairings like yellow text on a blue background are hard to read.
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