2021-02-01 (M) Electronic Wind Chimes EWC_OST

I reinstalled the bottom cover so I could work in a different room. For weeks, this has been sitting on its side on my desk with components spilling out. I decided to make some experimental moods to test my changes by isolating variables. One example was a single instrument, but it played at 1/8th velocity. The first problem I encountered was that I named them things like "Just Inst 1," but using a numeral confused the code. For now, I renamed things. My octave modifier didn't work, but I found a solution to a different problem where notes wouldn't stop if I switched to a silent mood.

Many of my experimental moods didn't work at all. First, I assumed this was a problem with my probability check, but that was fine, so I hunted all over. Finally, I realized the issue was in my spreadsheet where I, once again, used 128 as a velocity instead of 127. I added a print statement to alert me if I send unusable values. The change fixed a lot of moods, and I confirmed that my probability worked correctly.

Another problem arose where my program would stop reading the spreadsheet after a point. I added a line to restart the card in case of an error, and that fixed the problem, plus I could eject the card, edit the spreadsheet and reinsert with no issues.
Screenshot of new code

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