2021-02-26 (F) Weekly Summary

Editing started becoming fun. My girlfriend and I hit a stride where we could discuss a panel or some dialogue and revise it into something fun to read.
Getting the hang of editing

I took an evening to draw a map of the houseboat's bottom floor. I still need to add cylinders to the walls for their biological air and water filtration system in the form of algae-filled tubes. I would like to turn this into a 3D model for the artist to use later.
Houseboat drawing

The most significant difference between a spoken story and an illustrated one is visuals. I began adding panel descriptions for each dialogue block, starting at the beginning.
Panel descriptions

Editing hit a significant bump. One of the characters is non-binary, and they explain that to another person. This scene needs to be a solid narrative, so we'll be asking a consultant for help with our draft.
Troublesome block of text

I still had a lot of writing for the panel descriptions, so I filled those out, which helped me visualize the world a bit. We took another pass at the non-binary paragraph, and it sounds a little better, so hopefully, our consultant sees what we're doing.
Editing page

The most rewarding part of editing is when we take a vacuous or confusing piece of dialogue and turn it into a clear example of what makes the character who they are. My editor and I have done this a few times already, but we transformed a scene where one person was overly-critical of their shipmate and used it to explain human behavior to an AI.
New dialogue

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