2021-03-12 (F) Weekly Summary

This designer wasn't content to just make a chess set. He made a conversion kit to turn his printer into a chess-playing robot for him to battle. In a particularly brilliant move, he converted his extruder to a pull a string that opens and closes a claw so that the printer can move pieces around the board.

It makes sense to print a few copies of this practical benchtop tool, but when I wrote it up, I added that someone could output a miniature copy for tiny works, like dollhouses.

I almost gave up on this article because it seemed like the author merely installed an aftermarket mainboard into an electric scooter. They wrote up the only English instructions for this procedure and modified the screen to fit their scooter, so I felt good about it.

I spent a chapter talking about names and how they don't always match our birth certificates. Monikers can be telling about a person and vital to identity.
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A friend offered help editing Gravy Shock and gave some insightful advice. He is a long-time comic aficionado, so I doubly appreciated his help.
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After I print something, I need to clear the excess resin, so I use a stir plate and alcohol bath. The problem is that the prints want to fall to the bottom and hit the stir rod, so I designed and printed a platform that would direct liquid through the container.
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