2021-03-19 (F) Weekly Summary

I imported the 2D drawing of the living quarters into Fusion 360. I first converted it to millimeters, but it was not tidy, so I revised the sketch to use feet. I extruded the couch and chairs, but I'm not sure about the scale.
Rendered seats

The rest of the living quarters was easy to render, but I had to learn to assign materials to each part, and there was a limited selection. The choices were fine for this mock-up.
Houseboat living quarters

In many space sci-fi settings, there is artificial gravity. Sometimes it is based on scientific principles. I envisioned a bit of future-technology for Gravy Shock that intentionally feels incomplete. The gravity plates can only work if they're touching bare skin, inconvenient but hardly impossible. The previous version required implants. The characters discuss these and their effect on space-faring people.
Script about gravity plates

I drafted the upper floor of the houseboat. I sketched it once for my editor, so I went off memory. I don't know if the dimension will be believable when I add beds, a sink, and a shower.
Top level of houseboat

The upstairs was bare, so I added beds, a sink, a shower, and one of those toilets with the sink built into the top. I also moved the second bedroom's door, but that was mostly so it would be easier to draft.
Furnished upstairs

I realized that some of my dimensions were wildly inaccurate. My kitchen counters were 4ft (1.2m) from edge to wall, but the standard is 2.125ft (0.65m). I scrapped everything and started populating again.
Remodeled downstairs

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