2021-04-23 (F) Weekly Summary

In my head, I was going to revise the flat platform to fit my hand. I realized it would be easier to modify the finger rods instead. I updated the program to let me use a couple of variables to adjust the finger pads' depth and angle.
Revised finger rods

My test fitting revealed that I didn't want to use a single custom finger rod, but I should use a unique style for each finger. I found a good fit for each knuckle but discovered that I had trouble touching the ring finger without moving my middle finger at the same time.
Made for my fingers

The first pressure sensors I built didn't work well. I think the problem was that I pressed Velostat, a conductive plastic, into layers of itself where I should have been using a metal interface, like copper tape.
Homemade pressure sensor

I looked up someone else's pressure-sensing technique, and she recommended copper tape, so a lot of surface area touched the plastic. I laid a piece of tape under the finger rods for my project and wedged a small square of Velostat between it and a taped finger rod. My results improved.
Improved pressure sensors

Reading resistance values with a meter is different from reading analog values with a microcontroller. I decided to use a knock-off Arduino Pro Micro for this early prototype, and I'll switch to a wireless controller later.
Arduino Pro Micro

To get usable analog values, I added pull-down resistors to the circuit. I wasn't sure about which resistor to use, so I installed four and discovered that my most useful values came from low resistances, like 220Ω.
Pull-down resistors

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