2021-05-07 (F) Weekly Summary

I finally executed some keypresses and a macro with my keyboard. The tricky part was finding commands that grouped logically. For the first example, I programmed a light touch from the pinkie to hit the "escape" key, but with a hard press, it closes the window. I can safely hit escape with this arrangement, which won't interfere with a window I'd like gone.
Alt + F4

I could sense light and firm touches, so it was time to look at extended fingers, and I plan to use infrared emitters and receivers to look at each digit. The parts I wanted to use were IR LEDs and some receivers I had in stock.
Component dimension sketches

I dove into making a fixture for the infrared emitters and receivers. I may have acted prematurely. The modeling process was full of problems because I didn't have a clear idea in my head. For now, the device holds a couple of LEDs, and I can change their angles.
Directing LED angle

I was not happy with the model after I added a socket for the IR receiver. Everything about it seems hacked together, and I have little hope for how it will function.
Serviceable model?

I was so unhappy with the previous design that I scrapped everything but the base and visualized a new design. My new plan is to place the LEDs high up and directly over the fingers. With the spacing set, I can point the LEDs down instead of out.
Design sketch

I translated my sketch into code and model. This time, the modeling went smoothly, and I think the tower will perform better than the previous iteration. My first prints had a few problems from thin walls and unsupported areas.
< V1.0

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