2021-05-08 (Sa) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH IR Testing

I soldered test leads to my components to make them breadboard compatible. While I assembled them, I made a list of the improvements I would like to make to the proximity sensor model. I still need to add a socket for the infrared receiver, but a few other things need changing like a wider ring LED lip and accurate emitter spacing.

It took me a while to get a reading from the receiver. I tried supplying it with 3.3 and 5 volts while powering the LEDs with 3.3V. I think I burned up the emitters, which were probably meant for less than 3V. I measured the receiver output with a multimeter and a blue LED. I tested by putting a mirror in front of the LED and reflecting it to the receiver. If that worked, I would try a finger. I considered that the early version might require a reflective surface on my fingers. When I pointed a new IR LED at the receiver and got readable output, I discovered that the installed lights were broken, which I confirmed with a camera.
IR unit set up for testing

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