2021-05-21 (F) Weekly Summary

My finger rods took a blow when they fell, and three broke. I will consider stronger resin when I get closer to a final build. I continued wiring my electronics like the infrared aerial with the transmitter and receiver, plus I had three auxiliary inputs from the DIP switch package.
Many terminated wires

While cleaning my printer, I spilled a lot of resin into a dirty plastic tray. Since I couldn't save any of it, I used my ultraviolet laser pointer and saw what happens when you hit uncured printer fluid with coherent UV light.
Spilled resin against UV laser

I took my old code, which only ran the display, and worked it into my new code that supervised inputs. I found out that the wireless controller wouldn't work as a wired keyboard or mouse, but it may still work as a Bluetooth device.
Before the false positives

I started testing the IR aerial, and I managed to get the noise under control by slowing my scan rate, but the LEDs weren't activating. I checked the lights with my phone camera and a camcorder with no infrared filter.
Not getting any IR from the LEDs

I got my LEDs working after I discovered I was activating the wrong lights. This was a relief since I was worried I burned out the components. The bad news was that I saw lots of noise on the receiver, but I proved that I could use my IR camera as a jammer at close range.
The LEDs are working

Reading values on a serial monitor wasn't intuitive enough to figure out if I was getting noise, witnessing a wave, or misidentifying valuable feedback. I switched to viewing the IR signal strength on the screen as a line or bar graph. The best I could do was figure out that the IR spotlight on my camera would make the whole unit act like a proximity sensor.
Tame signal

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