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I sliced out a chuck of the infrared sensor's encasement because I wanted to try exposing more of the sensor. I hoped that if I could collect more light, the signal-to-noise ratio would make a cleaner signal. Even after the change, I couldn't shine the light back or detect my hand. When I brought the device into a dark room and held it away from any reflective surfaces, the noise level dropped, but it was still unusable.

I wondered why I couldn't get a meaningful reading, and the only time I could eliminate noise was when I flooded the sensor and jammed it. My biggest worry was that I picked up inductive currents in the wire originating in the LED conductors. Luckily, I found the culprit when I pointed a directional IR flashlight at the receiver from different angles. The bottom was more receptive than anywhere else and the only place not covered by the plastic. This made me wonder about the light-blocking properties of the resin. To test, I started my infrared camera and placed a thick platform over the flashlight, and I could see the light below the 6mm thick solid plastic plate. To fix the noise issue, I will redesign the infrared aerials.
IR shining through resin

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