2021-06-01 (Tu) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH

I needed to get my finger rods operating effectively, and the on-screen feedback was helpful. No matter how I tightened the bolts, I couldn't make all the inputs behave. The Velostat and copper tape were too thick, and the short distance to the bolt meant that the pressure sensor was off-kilter. I added a doubled-over plastic sheet between the platform, but it didn't work, and I tried a metal washer. Nothing helped.
Ill fitting finger rod

I took some time to think about how to apply and regulate pressure, and the best method I could conceive was to install some rubber in the platform. I have segments of spongy material, but I wanted something anyone could find, so I chose a rubber o-ring. In this case, it is one used for piercings.
14ga O-ring measurements

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