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I've added sound to projects in the past with the tone() function. I assumed I would be doing the same here, but I guess it leverages a property of the ATMEGA processors that is absent in the ESP32. When I added a tone() command, the compiler wouldn't recognize it as legitimate, and some searching confirmed that this processor wouldn't play nicely.

The first library I found looked promising, but when I opened it, I saw that it was using delays, so my processor would stop everything else to chirp for me. Unacceptable. I looked a little longer, but it wasn't pretty, so I decided to write a new function. I will spare the details, but I couldn't get a tone higher than two hertz. It sounded like a tiny metronome. I have too many processes to dedicate time to squeaking.

I had the idea to use the softwareSerial library to oscillate the piezo pin. Artificial serial ports don't like the ESP32 either, and the examples looked gruesome. Unless I find a new way to create sound, I am going to give up on it.
Errors from softwareSerial

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