2021-07-16 (F) Weekly Summary

I created a layer for Pokémon Go that would give me some control over music and volume. My primary concern was typing filter strings, which I couldn't do before because my phone had a keyboard connected. There were a couple of quirks removing old text, but I added a setting that let the user tell the keyboard if it was connected to an Apple product or a PC.
Pokémon Go (-o-)

I made a layer for repeating keystrokes unattended, which is not a practical application for a keyboard that is supposed to be instantly accessible. I programmed the first one to press the F5 key every five to thirty seconds, so users could periodically refresh a web page. This behavior would also keep a mobile or computer from sleeping.
Repeating Functions

Every time the keyboard lost power or I updated its code, the settings got wiped, and I had to change them back. Arduino has EEPROM memory available to retain settings, but it is trickier than typical variables. ESP32 has more quirks than I researched after some exhausting coding, but I added the necessary commands, and now my settings rollover.
EEPROM statuses at startup

I tried Arduino's ubiquitous tone() function, but it wouldn't compile on an ESP32, and numerous sources confirmed the problem. I looked at some other people's libraries, but they would butcher the rest of my code. I tried to write a new function, but my processor is too busy to spend cycles squawking.
Errors from softwareSerial

I missed a day this week, so there are only six updates. My Back of the Hand keyboard is almost finished. I modeled a cover, but it was the worst coding I've done since college. Even though I knew it was sloppy, I wanted to push and get the part made, so I saved a copy of yesterday's code in case I want to make something cleaner.
Isolated cover

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