2021-08-06 (F) Weekly Summary

I edited the voice recording of chapter one, which turned out to be a bigger job than I expected. I put characters into separate tracks and panned them slightly to one ear or the other. There was no modulation to the voices.
Chapter one audio editing

I gave another day of effort to the laser grid project, but I couldn't increase signal recognition by filtering unwanted light. I hoped that adding red filters would make red laser dots more noticeable, or infrared filters would make my little IR lasers stand out. Sadly, I couldn't detect from greater than 70cm, and the filters made it worse. I would need to spot a laser at 300cm to make anything work.
24EngLaserGrid failed

I was about to record the instrument track when I noticed a monologue that some characters were supposed to talk over. Luckily, I found enough critical dialogue to play over it. Chapter one has more character voices than the rest of the story, so I will likely redo this toward the end.
Launch instructions glossed over

I made the first instrumental track for Gravy Shock. I ignored my notes about when to change from one soundscape to another, but I was familiar enough to do it on the fly. Some of the transitions sounded exciting, but the final one was a bit dull.
EWC_OST connected to computer

I needed an introduction for Gravy Shock, so anyone who gets a copy won't need an explanation. Making a commercial in my voice would have been relatively easy, but I opted to use Ness to give a brief synopsis as though they were recording a voice journal.
Ness's script

The soundscapes for the introduction were similar to the story, but I thought they had a slightly more general appeal, while the previous ones sounded more ethereal. I tested them out on my board and wrote down what I would need for the EWC_OST.
Introduction OST on the EWC

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