2015-04-17 (F) Weekly Summary

The Haptic Distance Sensor was quickly featured on Instructables. Instructions were written in a day using pictures from this blog. Instructables has drawn people to this blog more than any other place I've promoted my creations. With published instructions the Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor was completed. A cyborg version similar to the Bottlense project by Grindhouse Wetware was started. This project was added to the Year 02 completed projects.

A single-day project was shown which was an OpenSCAD file which allowed a user to generate encoder wheels by simply entering a few measurements. Ideally the wheels would have also arranged themselves in an efficient order by using a second file but the arrangement was sloppy. Instead the file was released which allows a user to use ("use<encoderwheel.scad>") the file to generate single encoder wheels. This project was added to the Year 02 completed projects.

After completing the Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor a similar version was started which was meant to be similar to the Bottlense project by Grindhouse Wetware. This version interacts with an implanted magnet. I have a magnet in my left ring finger and another one in my left index finger. This model was started to be able to demonstrate at Convergence 2015. I will be on a couple panels at Convergence this year. The enclosure for the Cyborg Distance Sensor was modified from the servo version. Schematics were drawn and feature a three position phone cable going between two components. The servo version relied on an external 5V battery to power everything. The cyborg version uses a coil of wire which will be excited by the power supply which may range from 6 to 16 volts. An onboard voltage regulator will supply the correct voltage to the microcontroller. The Sensing + Processing assembly was soldered but not yet programmed or tested.

Enclosure changes made from the servo version to the cyborg version

Schematic for Sensing + Processing

Schematic for Power + Stimulation

Soldered assembly for Sensing + Processing

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:

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