2015-04-18 (Sa) Cyborg Distance Sensor

A schematic was drawn which uses a DPDT relay to alternate current to the stimulation coil. Parts were selected for the Power + Stimulation portion of the project. This portion is meant to hold the battery, relay, and coil. While selecting parts the idea of using a 3.5mm mono jack to connect the coil was used. Since the coil has not been made and several options exist the plug will make experimentation simple and should prevent any careless accidents from damaging the components.

Updated schematic for Power + Stimulation

Selected components for Power + Stimulation assembly

Soldered components from below

Soldered components from above

The 4xAA battery packs have switches built in so power switching was taken care of. During construction a 23A battery was decided upon instead due to it's size. A 23A battery provides 12V but is the same size as an N battery or roughly half the length of a AA battery with a slightly smaller diameter. They do not have a long life nor are they cheap but to demonstrate this project they are worth trying. Once assembled a battery was inserted to the holder and a stereo 3.5mm cord was run between the two assemblies to prove that power was being applied to the Sensor + Processing half.

23A battery holder soldered to relay and sockets
Powered components

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something
To do:
  • Assemble Power + Stimulation portion of project 
  • Make enclosure for Power + Stimulation portion
  • Program
  • Test + Debug
  • Write instructions

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