2015-04-22 (W) Cyborg Distance Sensor

The enclosure for the Power + Stimulation module was backwards so the headphone connector holes were not aligned properly. A new enclosure will be designed and printed.

After trying to install two faulty Arduino boards a brand new board Pro Mini was installed when it arrived in the mail early. Wires from the old board were transferred one at a time without issue. The Arduino and distance sensor were held close by soldering wires directly from one board to the next as was done with the last board.

 Soldered boards with scrapped boards in the background

With both boards soldered together the Arduino was programmed through an ordinary USB ↔ serial adapter. During troubleshooting for the previous boards the Arduino software was updated and the new software had no trouble programming this board.

To test the relay output a simple program was written which simply chattered the relay and this was done easily with the headphone cable running between each module. When the data cable was disconnected and a battery was inserted the Arduino lit up but the relay would not operate. This issue will have to be addressed.

Arduino powered by 23A battery

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something
To do:
  • Correct enclosure model
  • Determine why battery doesn't work
  • Set frequency. Potentiometer
  • Construct coil
  • Verify pin assignment in program
  • Program
  • Test + Debug
  • Write instructions

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2015-04-22 (W)