2015-04-26 (Su) Cyborg Distance Sensor

In an attempt to extract a coil from a 5V relay two more relays, identical to the previous one, were cut open. While removing the unnecessary pins, contacts, and wires the pins for the coil were also removed which unfortunately rendered the coil useless. Maybe the coil could have been salvaged but the effort would have been greater than the reward. The relays used were stocked items but readily available.

Deconstructed relay
Clipped coil wires

A second relay was disassembled and care was taken to avoid cutting the posts away but some of the coil wires were inadvertently cut when removing some of the plastic shell. Rather than cut into the original relay used to switch the battery supply a different model of relay was taken from stock. This relay had a much different configuration for its coil which made deconstruction much simpler. The unnecessary pins were easily cut away leaving a 5V electromagnet. This coil will either be hooked to a 3.5mm headphone sock or wired to a 3.5mm headphone wire. The item will likely be encased in epoxy to keep it from damage.

Damaged coil

 New relay next to shell

Three coils

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something
To do:
  • Extract 5V coil from relay
  • Make coil portable
  • Write program to sweep delay timer for 1/ƒ
  • Find upper and lower delay thresholds
  • Reprogram with new settings
  • Build coil mount
  • Test + Debug
  • Write instructions

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2015-04-26 (Su)