2015-04-16 (Th) Cyborg Distance Sensor

Since modeling files between this project and the Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor used some of the same optional OpenSCAD files the directories were kept the same so the links did not change and there was no need to duplicate the files. If someone were to download the Arduino code or the STL model it wouldn't make any difference since they are self-contained.

An attempt to download the Arduino code to an Adafruit Trinket was made on a Windows computer. It was unsuccessful. Ordinarily Arduinos which don't use serial converters are avoided since they can be more difficult to program. They cannot use serial print commands so debugging is more difficult since it must be done through a different program which emulates the serial port. The advantage to these devices is they can function as a mouse, keyboard or MIDI device and they are often less expensive than their serial equivalents. They do not require an external programming board unlike an Arduino Pro Mini.

Project connected with mini USB cable

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something
To do:
  • Assemble Power + Stimulation part of project
  • Program
  • Test + Debug
  • Make files public
  • Write instructions

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