2015-04-30 (Th) Cyborg Distance Sensor

Yesterday a 3.5mm headphone socket was glued to an old print of the Haptic Distance Sensor but it was realized after adhesion that the socket would interfere with putting the electronics into the enclosure. An attempt was made to break the socket out which resulted in delamination of some of the printed layers which destroyed the enclosure. A replacement was found and the headphone socket idea was abandoned.

 Failed attempt to salvage enclosure

Soldering was done to connect the battery holder to the controller. Power was attached to the RAW and GND terminals. Wiring was done through the STUFF-symbol for convenience. A new model was drafted and rendered which simply had a hole in the lid rather than the STUFF-symbol.

Battery soldered to controller

The coil was removed the controller and shrink wrap tubing was put over the wires. When the wires were reattached the electronics were installed into the enclosure using 1.6mm x 10mm bolts and nuts. Only wires hold the Arduino in place but no conductive surfaces touch each other between the Arduino and the distance sensor. Wires from the coil were fed through the opening of the enclosure and the lid held the shrink tube in place. All the components were assembled to finish the unit. #10 bolts and hardware will be purchased to finish the model and instructions will be written to complete the project. Since the scope of this project is for people with implanted magnets the instructions will not be put onto Instructables.com.

Battery and coil assembled
Assembled unit with shrink tube

Files for Cyborg Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something
To do:
  • Build coil mount
  • Solder coil
  • Investigate the tone() function as a better programming method
  • Write instructions
    • Materials list
    • Tools list
    • Collect pictures

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