2015-05-16 (Sa) Wind Generator Test Base

Programming was started for the automated monitoring. Voltage reading was an arbitrary measurement so long as the voltage does not exceed 5V. If voltage exceeds 5V during monitoring a voltage divider circuit will be constructed for each channel which would be possible but would require additional hardware where the generated voltage would determine the value of the components. Arrays were used to store collected data as opposed to specifically named variables. Arrays are also useful since a single number can be changed to alter the number of stations recorded. More work would be necessary with the program as a whole to fully implement this kind of expandability.

First draft of the program read the speed and voltage every fifteen seconds and output the results through a keyboard emulator which would be recorded in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet data would be charted and processed to produce meaningful and comparable results. Each station would output RPMs and voltage readings only and would rely on the spreadsheet to produce meaningful data.

Speed readings will rely on a single switch being closed once per revolution. Readings will be taken by measuring the time between the switch going HIGH twice. This will be the time for one revolution. From this time revolutions per minute can be calculated but it may be more useful to output this time instead since the number would be an integer in microseconds.

Files for Wind Generator Test Base:
The OpenSCAD file below is not necessary unless you want to change something
 To do:
  • Design electrical
  • Build electrical
  • Design and write program
  • Debug program
  • Make program public
  • Test for usability
  • Go to next phase and test turbine designs

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